Polaris Ranger 800 – How to Change Transmission Fluid

Polaris Ranger 800 Rear Gearcase Diagram
Diagram From Owners Manual – Ranger 800

The Polaris Ranger 800 transmission and rear differential fluid run together in what Polaris refers to as the main gearcase in the owners manual. It’s easy to get confused with terminology, as the unit is often referred to as the rear gear case, main gear case, rear differential or transmission. All these names refer to the same component, the main gearcase.  The Ranger oil capacity is a modest 34 oz. or 1.1 quarts Polaris AGL Fluid.  This oil change is relatively quick and easy. Removing the drain and fill plugs can be cumbersome, although removing the rear passenger side tire will allow for better access.

This is what’s needed to change transmission fluid:

  • 8mm Allen wrench
  • 1.1 Quarts Polaris AGL Fluid
  • catch pan
  • flexible funnel or hose
  • rags
Ranger transmission fluid change
Ranger transmission fluid change

How to change the transmission fluid:

Before removing the drain plug drive the Ranger around for 15 minutes or longer to heat the fluid. Warm fluid flows out faster and is easier to clean up. Next, remove the drain plug with a 8 mm Allen wrench and  catch as much old fluid as possible. As the fluid drains it may pool on the skid plate, but can be wiped clean later. After all the old fluid has drained reinstall the drain plug and hand tighten. Next, remove the fill plug with an 8mm Allen wrench.  The tricky part is getting the new oil back into the gearcase.  Some have claimed to fill through the main gear case vent hose, but we filled through the fill plug opening.  Our AGL Fluid came with a nozzle that was applied after removing the cap and breaking the seal.  After installing the nozzle we cut the tip and placed a piece of clear hose on it to feed into the case.  Our Polaris Ranger 800 used 1 quart, although specs claimed 1.1 quarts. Once filled install the fill plug as fast as possible. That’s all there is to know about changing the transmission fluid on a Ranger 800!



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