General 1000 – Transmission Fluid Change

General 1000 Transmission Fluid Change
General 1000 Transmission Fluid Change

How To Change Transmission Fluid

Changing the transmission fluid or as Polaris refers to it the main gearcase fluid on the General 1000 is easy. The General’s engineered so the not so mechanically inclined owner can change all fluids with only a handful of tools.  Before getting started make sure you have everything on hand to complete the job.

Capacity and What’s Needed

  • 1.3 quarts of Polaris AGL Fluid
  • 8mm Allen wrench
  • catch pan

Step by Step How to Instructions

General 1000 Main Gearcase Fill Plug
Transmission – Main Gearcase Fill Plug Location.
  1. Begin by locating the drain plug which can be found where the main and rear skid plate overlap. 
  2. Remove the drain plug with an 8mm Allen wrench. The drain plug is magnetic so take notice to any debris on it and wipe clean. Don’t worry, it’s normal to find some very fine black sludge on the magnetic drain plug.
  3. As the old AGL Fluid drains locate the fill plug above the hitch receiver and below the rear sway bar.  The clearance is tight accessing the transmission fill plug on the General but is doable.  Once the fill plug is broke loose you can remove it entirely with your fingers. 
  4. To fill the main gearcase we used a clear tube attached to the nozzle as seen in the below video.  Once 1.3 ounces of AGL Fluid is installed, or it crests the fill plug hole, reinstall the fill plug.

That’s all there is to changing the transmission fluid! Check out our collection of how to videos in the Tech Tips Section or watch our action packed reviews!

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