John Deere Gator XUV Hard to Shift Between Gears

If you're John Deere Gator 825i or 620i won't go into gear while the engine is running there is a fairly simple fix for the problem.  Recently we ran across this problem on a 825i that had ran out of warranty.  The Gator had under 100 hours of light use and had already been back to the dealership once for the same problem.


This particular Gator 825i would shift between the gear ranges fairly easily with the UTV not running.  Once started, it had to be forced into gear and it was fairly obvious the synchronizers were taking a beating.  The problem kept getting worse until at it had to be turned off to get it out of gear.


After first checking the shift cables and console mounted shift mechanism itself we pulled the belt guard located behind the driver side rear tire.  After removing the cover and cycling the primary and secondary clutch through their motion it was obvious the primary clutch was not fully disengaging when idling.  The primary clutch is connected to the engine's crankshaft.  As result of the primary clutch not fully disengaging it was turning the secondary clutch.  The Gator 825i secondary clutch feeds into the transmission gearbox and the transmission was actually performing as it was designed, not allowing the Gator to pop out of gear when under load.


Watch our video on how to fix the shift problem.


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