In this video we give a fresh new look to a mud tire that's been around for years! This tire has meaty claws and is very lightweight for a super aggressive mud tire. If you're searching for a moderately priced mud tire that's American made the Mud Lite XL is worth a good look.


In this video we take the Blackwater Evolution atv-utv tire off-road for an all out test review. This atv-utv tire by ITP is capable of extreme traction over terrain and rides just as predictably. Not to mention it's tough as nails with a 8 ply radial construction. This atv-utv tire is just a ripper on the trail. It has a non-directional tread design for traction in both forward and reverse. Radial construction provides a smooth Cadillac like ride and precise race car like handling on side hills, hill climbs, flats and in the mud. Sidewall Armor protects the shoulders from rocks and catapults over obstacles. These tires are pricey, but if you spend the money you'll have a tire that is American Made and will go anywhere you can drive or hang on.


If you've watched any of our other reviews you know that we push the products we review hard and  this Buzz Saw XC tire test was no different. To prepare our Grizzly for the additional weight of the radial ATV-UTV tires we did the shim mod, which provided a little extra grunt on the low end. Even with the shim mod we did notice a decrease in power from dead stop to 5-10 mph with the Grizzly 700 being a single cylinder we can imagine a twin cylinder like a Brute Force, Can-Am or Sportsman may turn them better. It didn't take long to realize the Sedona Buzz Saw XC is a tough 6 ply extreme traction ATV-UTV radial tire. On hill climbs the tire simply ripped through whatever it encountered. Even with the tires massive 1 1/4 tread depth it didn't cause the Grizzly to want to flip backward when stabbing the throttle and allowed for just enough spinning to negotiate steep angles quickly. On fire roads the tire was predictable up to around 40 mph, but any faster than that and our Grizzly's responsive handling diminished. The Buzz Saw XC handled jagged rocks decently, but on slick faced surfaces it struggled to find traction. On hard pack dry dirt the radial tire spun to find traction and will throw a mean rooster tail trying to find something to grab onto. When the hard pack loosens up, like after a rain, the tires do a better job hooking up. When things get wet and muddy the Sedona Buzz Saw XC really hits it stride and performs exceptional as long as there is a bottom to the mud hole, otherwise it's doing to dig a hole to China. On pavement the tire rode very smooth, unlike what others had posted on-line.  Over all we were pleased with the performance of this radial ATV-UTV tire. It rips traction well on a wide variety of surfaces, looks good and is priced reasonably for a 6 ply radial extreme traction ATV-UTV tire.


This is the first look at the 6 Ply Radial tire by Sedona. Buzz Saw XC has massive looks and possibly performance.... These tires just arrived for our Grizzly 700 Review and they look awesome! In this video we weight the factory tires/wheels vs. the Buzz Saw on the same wheels.


Looks like a BigHorn... less the price and maybe less the performance. We tested these Tusk TriloBite atv tires on dry hard pack, rock, mud and snow. First let me point out they wear like iron, very durable. TriloBites perform great on dry hard packed surfaces, providing all the traction you'll likely need. Other terrain such as wet or muddy conditions is where they lacked traction or steering ability when things got slick. In snow the tires do not perform any better than in mud. In fact we found them to be really lacking in snow and mud. Depending on your intended use or purpose for these TriloBites should dictate if they will work for you.


In this video we review the Afterburn tire by GBC. Performance wise the Afterburn handles just about whatever you throw at them pretty darn good. Radial tire construction provides a smooth confident ride and the 6 ply rating enhances their toughness. I'd compare them to the Bighorn 2.0 in their ride quality and overall ability to conquer many different types of terrain. Air them down and they squat and really bite into rocks, hard park and slippery conditions. I'd like to see these tires Made in the USA, like many other ATV enthusiasts, unfortunately GBC responded to my inquiry after this video was published to inform us they are made in Indonesia.