2000 Lakota 300 - Best Value Used ATV for 2016

In this video we test a 2000 Kawasaki Lakota on the trail, highlight specs and explain why it's our entry level pick for 2016. Many folks new to the sport have never heard of this value packed ATV. The Lakota is packed with features for a used quad in this price range. With the soul of a Majove and the heart of a Bayou, this compact quad gets it done!

2013 BRUTE FORCE 650i

Recently I had the opportunity to ride and review a 2013 Kawasaki Brute Force 650 with the solid rear axle. I'm on and off so many different quads that one really has to make an impression and this atv will be one that won't be forgotten. When you start this V-Twin up you have to ask yourself is this a atv or a Harley Davidson motorcycle, it really does sound that good. Not only does it have a great exhaust tone, but this thing really has some unique power characteristics. This power is smoothly put to the ground by it's fully automatic CVT transmission and breaking the rear tires loose happens easily with a quick stab of the throttle. The combination of a good suspension provided by the front MacPherson Strut setup and the torque of the v-twin power-plant will quickly inspire confidence into even the most novice rider. Here in Kentucky we have plenty of hills and the BF 650 has the ability to scale steep inclines easily by gaining momentum quickly and effortlessly. The Brute Force is capable of moderate jumps and lands predictably with the solid rear axle. Breaking is handled through a hydraulic disc setup out front and the rear uses a sealed wet braking system that may never need serviced and just may be the most responsive setup I've came across.  Like many other Kawasaki ATV's the BF 650 provides engine braking through the KEBC system via a electric actuator on the CVT cover.  This quad has a vast gauge readout and covers everything I would consider important.  General service on the Brute Force is straight forward, although more intense jobs like valve adjustment may be better handled by a mechanic. There were two things about this quad that I felt could be improved upon, the 4x4 Actuator and the carburetors. The 4WD Actuator is a bit slow engaging and disengaging. The carburetors work as intended, but the addition of fuel injection would take the hassle out of cold starts. Two words that describe the Brute Force: Fun & Powerful!

2006 BRUTE FORCE 650i

The Brute Force 650i exploded onto the atv scene in 2006. The 650i followed it's bigger brother, the 750, with the addition of a fully independent rear suspension. During this era the fully independent rear suspension was really gaining popularity and the Suzuki Kingquad 700, Yamaha Grizzly 660, Polaris Sportsman and the Honda Rincon had already stamped their own designs.

The Brute Force 650i is simply a lot of fun to ride. This is mostly due to it's hard pulling and quick revving v-twin engine. During our test it was very difficult to keep myself from stabbing the throttle for no reason other than to feel the power the v-twin. Not only is the 650i Brute Force powerful, it sounds awesome and it's just as smooth at delivering the power to the ground.

The suspension on the Brute 650i is adequate, but not as plush as some of the other big bores. What it lacks in a plush ride will equate into a sporty feel on the trail. Ground clearance is adequate for it's stance and larger tires could be added with little strain on the engine. The harder you push the Brute Force 650i the more you can feel the rear suspension working.

The CVT belt driven transmission on the BF 650i works as it's designed to. The KEBC system provides pronounced engine braking when you completely release the throttle. Not as smooth a system as the Grizzly or Kingquad, but it does do the job.

One area that consistently seems to be lacking on Brute Force 650i is the electronic 4x4 actuator. On both BF 650's we've tested the system was consistently slow at engaging and disengaging the 4wd. After doing our own research on this issue it is clear that other owners feel the same and some have upgrade to a manual 4x4 actuator setup.

Overall, the 2006 Brute Force 650i we tested is just plain fun to ride.  Any area that it lacks in is made up by with the v-twin power plant.  Out of everything we've rode the engine stands out as being one of the hardest pulling and smoothest yet.

1998 Bayou 300 4x4

KLF300C Review: We bring you the real world test of a historical atv by Kawasaki. First introduced in 1989 and Kawasaki's only Bayou to take advantage of a dual range transmission.  It was also Kawasaki's first ever 4x4 atv offering. Having a 15 year production run that ended in 2004, this atv seen very few changes thoughout it's tenure. The 300 Bayou goes down in ATV history as a very capable offering to the off road market of its time. It was truly one of Kaw's best selling all around 4x4 atv's, with full-time 4wd, a high torque engine and advanced semi independent rear suspension system that is suited for a wide range of tasks. Limited slip front differential makes steering much lighter and ensures the engines full torque makes it to the ground. Claiming 19.7 horsepower, this atv is capable of everything from Hunting, Farming, Hill Climbing and Trail Riding. Depending on condition, you can buy one of these value packed atv's used from $1000 to $2500.

400 BAYOU 4X4 1993-1999

Introduced in 1993 the Bayou 400 KLF400B1 was the Kawasaki’s flagship 4×4 utility atv.  Without question the most technologically advanced motors of the time.  This single cylinder, 4 valve, liquid cooled powerhouse remained virtually unchanged throughout its production run, ending in 1999.  It challenged its competition, the Yamaha Kodiak 400 in every department.

If your lucky enough to find a 400 Bayou for sale and you want a part of the Kawasaki atv history, this quad is for you.  You simply can’t buy a tougher workhorse atv in today’s market.

If you do find a Bayou 400 for sale expect some minor repairs, just due to its age.  Axle boots, made of rubber dry rot over time.  Expect to spend some money repairing these and its something you can do yourself.  The 400 Bayou utilizes a plastic gear that powers the oil pump and is prone to break.  Also if the oil pump is not pumping oil and its not diagnosed in time it will wear the cam and rockers due to lack of lubrication.