Not just made for work these days. We thrash the Gator on the trail for a day and report it to you. The Crossover Series XUV is designed with extreme off road performance and the ultimate in work capability. Ideal for the sportsman who hunts, fishes, or trail rides, and it’s a workhorse for anyone who cares for land and property. Offers 4WD with fully independent suspension. The Gator XUV 4x4 was introduced in 2007 as a more extreme use Gator, for both commercial and recreational use. These models are often set up with snow plows and see severe usage duty in the industry. The model comes with either gas or diesel engine choices. In response to an ever competitive market, Deere expanded the XUV Line up in 2011 to include an 825 cc 3 cylinder gas engine to go alongside the current 625 cc engine. The 825 also sported a faster differential that allows the machine to reach speeds of up 70 kilometers (45 Miles) per hour. In addition, they kept the Diesel offering, but boosted the machines speed to 32 miles per hour, currently the fastest Diesel Utility Vehicle in the market. The three machines also underwent a styling overhaul and a redesigned box.