How To Pack ATV UTV SxS Wheel Bearings-

How To Pack Wheel Bearings

ATV-UTV-SxS Wheel Bearings

Keeping your ATV or SxS’s wheel bearings packed full of grease is often a maintenance chore that goes overlooked on many ATV-UTV until the bearings are in need of replacement. Everything ATV UTV Reviews understands this first hand, many of the used ATV’s and SxS’s we buy to review are low mileage and in good condition, but unfortunately even the tidiest owner cannot take care of components they don’t know to service. The truth is, replacing wheel bearings can be costly, cumbersome, time-consuming and a job that most look forward to. Due to their use in harsh elements such as mud, water, sand and dust their lifespan can be greatly extended by properly packing them with grease.

Options for Packing Wheel Bearings: Old School or the Bearing Grease Packer tool

1.) The Old-Fashioned way of packing ATV-UTV wheel bearings does get some grease into the bearings but is time-consuming and messy. This method requires a handful of grease, time and patience. NyrocATV has a demonstration video that can be seen by clicking this link. For other cool ATV-Tech-Tips visit

2.) Recently we had the opportunity to test a new tool that makes packing-greasing ATV-SxS-UTV wheel bearings very easy. The tool packs them effortlessly and efficiently and also pushes out debris, including dirty burnt grease that’s hiding in pre-existing wheel bearings. Machined Integrations has released the ATV/UTV Bearing Grease Packer tool that makes greasing new or pre-existing wheel bearings fast and hassle free. The tool can be purchased directly from Machined Integrations website or by giving them a call. The Bearing Grease Packer can be purchased for the following: Polaris, Kawasaki, Honda, Can-Am, CF Moto, John Deere, Yamaha and Arctic Cat.

Watch Bearing Grease Packer Review

New Wheel Bearings Lack Enough Grease for the SxS ATV UTV Machines

During testing, we discovered the Bearing Grease Packer tool is also beneficial to new wheel bearings straight out of the box. By default, wheel bearings in the automotive industry have only a small amount of grease in them because they are primarily operated under higher RPM’s. An excess amount of grease in the automotive application would burn out quickly, but ATV/SxS’s are operated under different conditions. SxS-ATV-UTV wheel bearings are manufactured under the default for the automotive industry and will wear out prematurely due to not having enough grease.


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Bearing Grease Packer Tool Review by EVERYTHING ATV UTV REVIEWS
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Machined Intergrations- Bearing Grease Packer tool



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