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Polaris is constantly pushing the envelope in innovative product development. News travels fast and the new features introduced into the 2017 line-up doesn’t disappoint! If you’re looking for advanced technology or common sense features, Polaris has you covered.

Polaris ATV News
New for 2017

-New Polaris ATV Features for 2017

1.) Polaris has introduced a new throttle by wire system on the 90 horsepower Sportsman XP1000. Mode 1 is a work mode which provides very mellow power and limits the top speed to around 50 MPH. Mode 2 is normal power which by the way is really not normal at all and is crazy fast on the XP1000. Mode 3 is performance mode that provides even quicker throttle response and a Tasmanian Devil of a ride to say the least. The 570 also has a variable low-speed limiter that will maintain a constant low speed for chores around the farm such as spraying.

2.) A cup holder is now standard equipment on many Polaris ATV’s. It was designed to fit everything from small water bottles all the way up to large paper and plastic soda cups.

Sportsman Cup Holder
Cup Holder

3.) The top of the line Sportsman XP1000 has an instrument cluster that features Bluetooth connectivity. This way, if you get a phone call, voice mail or text while out on the trail, you can glance down at the screen and decide if its important enough to stop and dig your phone out of your pocket.

Polaris Bluetooth

4.) The Sportsman 850’s and 1000’s have a huge deep well storage bin underneath the rear rack to store all kinds of items. Further good news is that the exhaust muffler now runs on the side of this box instead of underneath it reducing heat build up.

5.) On the 450 and 570 Utility Editions, steel racks are standard. This is a first for Polaris in quite some time. Plus the racks have large enough openings to accept items like buckets.

New steel racks

6.) Recessed bucket rings are integrated into the plastic rear rack on the Sportsman 850 and 1000 this year. Along with other molding, this might help come up with your own appropriate cargo system depending on your exact needs.

7.) The 570 has a variable low-speed limiter that will maintain a constant low speed for chores such as spraying or spreading. It also has heavy duty front bumper with an 1 1/4″ hitch receiver built in.

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