Belt Replacement Easier With a Clutch Puller Tool

An Inexpensive Tool That Makes Replacing the Belt Easier

On some ATV’s using a clutch puller tool can make the belt install much easier. Since the introduction of the belt drive system folks have been replacing broken or worn out belts. A new belt will restore lost power and performance.

Clutch Puller Tool
Sportsman 800 with clutch puller tool inside primary clutch.

Not all belt driven ATV’s require the use of a clutch puller tool when replacing the belt. Those who own quads from Yamaha and Suzuki will not need a puller, as the belt system is different. Likewise, if your quad is made by Kawasaki, Polaris, Can-Am or John Deere you may want to consider purchasing a clutch puller tool.

Damaging the Belt During Installation

There are some out there who have successfully changed the belt without removing the primary clutch with a puller. This is done by using a roll on method, similar to when we were kids and had to roll a thrown bicycle chain back onto the sprockets. Please keep in mind that this method can damage the belt and lead to the belt shredding prematurely. Believe me, I’ve done my fair share of redneck engineering in the past that ultimately lead to having to do the job over.

Brute Force Clutch Puller Tool
This image shows the clutch puller tool with the Brute Force.

Brute Force and Sportsman Belt Replacement With Clutch Puller Tool

We’ve done many belt replacements over time and have made several “How To” videos. Two of such videos where a puller tool was used was on the Kawasaki Brute Force and Polaris Sportsman 800. Both of these quads use a similar belt drive setup. Purchasing a clutch puller tool to remove the primary clutch is cheap insurance to save from having premature belt failure.

Sportsman Belt Change
Sportsman Belt Change

You can watch how to change the belts on both these quads in our Tech Tips section. Other makes of ATV-UTV’s, as mentioned above with this style transmission will be very similar in the procedure. As a side note, keep in mind that Can-Am’s do have a one-way bearing that will need to be lubed if you pull the clutch.



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