Belt Replacement – Polaris Sportsman

Belt Replacment - Polaris Sportsman
This image shows the Sportsman with the transmission cover off.

Belt replacement on the Sportsman is part of routine maintenance since they do loose their strength over time. If your’s is squealing or you notice a loss in performance a belt replacement is highly recommended. Recently we had the opportunity to document just how to change it on the PVT (Polaris Variable Transmission) setup. The below “How to” video shows a 2012 Sportsman 800, although the process will be identical on the Sportsman 500 and many other Polaris models.


Tools Needed – Belt Replacement

  • Ratchet
  • T25 torx bit
  • 10mm socket
  • 10mm wrench
  • extension
  • 16mm socket
  • impact wrench
  • primary clutch puller tool
Sportsman Belt Change
Sportsman Belt Change


How To Replace the Belt

1.) Begin by removing the plastic foot well, secured by four T25 torx screws and four plastic rivets attached to the fenders. You may have to pull upward slightly on the front and rear fender to completely release it. 

2.) Next, you’ll need to remove the two plastic rivets located under the seat. Removing these two plastic rivets will allow you to pull the plastic up and access the two clamps that secure the rubber boot.

Belt Replacment - Polaris Sportsman
This image shows the two tabs that need

3.)After loosening the clamps remove the eight 10mm bolts securing the PVT belt cover. Work the cover off by pulling outward and wiggling it at the same time. Now that the cover is off you can see the primary clutch, secondary clutch and belt. 

The primary clutch will need to be removed to gain enough slack to remove it. There are other methods for removing the belt, but we have found this one to work best for us.

3.) Next, remove the 16mm bolt securing the primary clutch, it is standard threads, so counter clockwise removes it. 

4.) Next, screw the primary clutch puller tool into the center of the primary clutch and tighten with an impact wrench. Using an impact wrench will mostly eliminate the need to hold the clutch and should pop off rather easy. 

5.) Now that the primary clutch is free it is possible to work the belt off. Remove it and take notice of the orientation.

Reinstalling Primary Clutch
This image shows reinstalling the primary clutch with new belt.

6.) Place the new belt on the primary and secondary clutch. Now reinstall the primary clutch by pulling it on with the 16mm bolt. 

7.) The PVT cover seal needs to be removed and cleaned if dirty to ensure a water tight seal.  Once completed everything can be reassembled!


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