LED LIGHT BAR vs. FACTORY ATV-UTV Halogen Headlights


AuxBeam 12″ CREE LED Light Bar on Polaris Sportsman – image

CREE LED lights have exploded onto the ATV-UTV-SxS scene over the past years. The first LED light bars to market were rather expensive and bulky. Improvements in technology and manufacturing have really progressed in the CREE LED light bar marketplace and now every ATV and UTV owner can afford to have greatly improved lighting at night.


How good can a Light Bar priced under $30 be?

I’m thankful a friend nudged me to check out his new AuxBeam CREE LED light. When I found out it was priced under $30, it was hard for me to believe it could be a great product. That all changed when night set in and I hit the power switch to the 12″ AuxBeam. It completely overpowered the factory headlights in every way. In fact, the only way I could tell the factory lights were on was by the yellowish color they projected. Even with it mounted lower than the factory headlights, which should be a disadvantage, the difference between the two was amazing.

AuxBeam CREE LED Light Bar vs Factory Headlights


The AuxBeam CREE LED light bar output vs. factory ATV-UTV headlights

The AuxBeam CREE LED lights project a very different type of light than our factory ATV-UTV halogen bulbs. The light produced from the AuxBeam is very crisp and clean. It’s white light that pierces the darkness in a way I’d never experienced. The specs on the light bar are advertised to be up to 7200lm Luminous Flux with 24 individual high power LEDs.

The 12″ AuxBeam setup has both spot and flood reflectors. The twelve 30-degree spots are positioned in the middle of the light bar and really reach out, I’d guess three times as far as the factory headlights on bright beam. The 60-degree floods are positioned on the outside of the spots, six on each side. The field of view to the side of the ATV was also at least two times as good as the factory headlights.

LED LIGHT BAR vs Factory ATV-UTV Headlights Video





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